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Machine Cleaning Materials

A clean machine is a healthy machine, so look after it with these specially formulated cleaning products.

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Puly Cleaning Fluid

Essential for any coffee machine that uses fresh milk. This product will break down milk and cream fats; at the same time sanitize the equipment. This Cappuccino Cleaner can also be used to clean steam wands. Comes in dosing bottles that provide the correct amount for this vital function.

1 x 1Litre



Puly Backflush Powder

A powder suitable for back-flushing any traditional espresso machine. Simply pop some in a blanking disc and away you go.

1 x 900g



Puly Bean to Cup Tablets

Cleaning your equipment should be taken seriously, that is why we use this cleaning tablet for our bean to cup coffee machines. It offers the correct consistency to break down the coffee residues that can produce bitter coffee.

100 tablets

Puly Descaler

A high quality non corrosive descaling agent for use in smaller domestic and hand-fill espresso and filter machines.

10 sachets per box


Macco Espresso 9

Six back-lighted selection buttons, programmable as desired for any coffee and milk-based drinks

Groups attached to thermostatically controlled boiler: adjustable brewing temperature for consistently superior flavour shot after shot

Temperature probe for a constant control of steam boiler pressure

Boiler and pump pressure gauge

Thermostat safety sensor for the boiler heating element

Two automatic dosages of hot water

Two stainless steel steam levers

Counting of dispensed drinks and extraction time

Programming of pre-infusion for all key buttons of each group

Programming of machine maintenance after programmable number of coffee doses

Machines Available:

One Group Automatic
Two Group Automatic
Three Group Automatic