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Where does your coffee come from?

Our coffee comes from some of the best growing regions from around the world including Africa and South America, it is then roasted here in Scotland. Most of our coffee is blended and if you would like a more detailed description check our product range or give us a call.

What type of coffee do I need?
Well, that depends on how you intend to make your coffee. If you have a filter machine you can use our pre-measured sachets or our one-kilo bulk ground bags. If you have an espresso machine you can use our espresso beans (grinder required) or our fine ground coffee (no grinder required) or even use our espresso pods for quickness. If you have a cafetiere or French press as they are also known, you can use our one-kilo bulk ground range.

How fresh is your coffee?
We try to balance freshness with keeping a healthy stock and we have managed this pretty well. You coffee will normally have a shelf life of approximately one year and its sealed in airtight bags to ensure every cup is as fresh as the last.

How is your coffee packaged?
Our coffee beans are sealed in foil, airtight bags and packaged in durable boxes containing four one-kilo bags. Our sachets are packaged in special bags to ensure freshness and come fifty to a box.

Is your coffee ethical?
We stock a range of fair-trade products to try and give farmers in third world countries a fairer deal.

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