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Please study these terms and conditions as the placing of an order is held to be an acceptance of them.

"Buyer" means the legal person or their agent whose order for goods is accepted by the seller. "Goods" means the goods which the seller is to supply subject to their conditions. "Seller/Company" means ROCK COF Ltd. "Conditions" means the terms and conditions of trading set out in this document which shall govern to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. An "Order" means an order given orally or in writing using an acceptable form of communication (Such as Telephone, Letter, Facsimile, email) and in both cases given by an authorised representative of the buyer. Singular words include the plural and vice versa and masculine includes the feminine and vice versa. Any recommendation or advice given by the seller or its employees or agents is acted upon entirely at the buyers own risk and accordingly the seller shall not be liable therefore. The sellers price list, catalogues and quotations do not constitute offers by the seller. Any typographical, written, clerical or other error or omission in any literature, quotation, price list, invoice or other document or information issued by the seller shall be subject to correction without liability on the part of the seller.

Credit terms are strictly 30 days nett from the date of invoice. Overdue invoices are liable to a surcharge of 5% per month or part of. The company reserves the right to request advance payment in full for the first or any subsequent order. Represented or returned cheques will be charged at £10.00 each time. Any costs incurred for a third party collection, all expenses including legal fees will be charged to the buyer. The seller reserves the right to suspend delivery or further deliveries and/or cancel allowance of credit in the event of any payments not being made when due or if the seller at it's discretion at any time considers the financial circumstances of the buyer have ceased to justify the payment terms previously agreed. Time for the payment of the price shall be of the essence.

All prices shown are subject to change without prior notification. All products will be invoiced at price ruling on the day of dispatch.

Notification of non-arrival must be received within 10 days of invoice. Claims for damage must be in writing within 28 days. The buyer must examine the goods on delivery.

The buyer shall indemnify the seller against all claims made against the seller in relation to the goods for which if the claims were made by the buyer against the seller the seller would have no liability. The buyer shall indemnify the seller against all loss, damage, injury, costs and expenses (including without limitation professional fees incurred) suffered by the seller.

If the buyer has a receiver appointed over any of its assets or (being an individual or firm) becomes bankrupt or compounds with its creditors or (being a company) becomes insolvent or goes into liquidation then without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the seller the full price for the goods shall be immediately payable. The seller shall have the right to cancel or suspend any further deliveries to the buyer and if the price for any delivered goods is not forthwith paid the seller shall have the right to enter the buyers premises and repossess goods.

Any dates and times are approximate and early or late delivery will not be an acceptable reason for refusing goods. The seller shall determine method, date and time of delivery. Postponement of delivery at the buyers request or the failure on the buyers part to accept delivery will make the buyer liable to pay the seller all extra expenses.

The company does not operate a sale or return policy. The return of goods will not be accepted, the seller shall not be under any liability whatsoever for goods returned.

The title in any goods supplied shall remain invested in the seller until unconditional payment in full is received and cleared through the sellers bank account, but risk and liability thereon shall pass to the buyer on delivery. The buyer shall keep goods in such a manner that they shall be identifiable by the seller and the buyer shall keep the goods in an acceptable condition and comprehensively insured against normal perils and commercial risk. The buyer may sell the goods in normal course of its business but in a fiduciary capacity as a bailee of the goods and pursue all claims of goods. In the event of non-payment by the buyer by the due date, the seller shall be entitled without prejudice and in addition to all other rights to enter (with or without notice) the property where the goods are and recover possession of them. The buyer hereby grants the seller an irrevocable right to enter any premises of the buyer for the said purpose.

After an order has been accepted by the seller the order can only be cancelled with the sellers consent and the buyer shall be liable for any costs expended by the seller on account of the said order.

Please Note
These terms and conditions shall automatically take priority over the buyers conditions of purchase regardless of their content and the buyers act of providing an order constitutes an unqualified acceptance of the sellers terms and conditions of trading.

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